Umberto Sangiovanni

Daunia is the northern part of Puglia and coincides with the province of Foggia.
A landscape full of contrasts as well as the dialect, a mixture of Arab, Slavic and Campania, testimony of the many rulers suffered from this land.

Umberto Sangiovanni, pianist Puglia training and jazz composer, rediscovers the vitality of the dialect of his homeland by rewriting the music of the songs of peasants’ 900.

A project that comes from the language of the dialect Foggia and develops a personal and unique sound somewhere between jazz and popular music, from the songwriters and singers from the Gargano.

A concert which is now also a disc co-produced with Rai Trade and distributed by Egea entitled La Controra.

The core of this group is the quartet (vocals, bass, piano and drums) around which revolve as needed other elements (guitar, accordion, clarinet) until it reaches a staff from small orchestra.

Mediterranean sounds and rhythms of jazz are mixed with the traditions of an ancient language and little known.